The Melissa and Doug Trunki could be the most brilliant innovation in family travel on this side of the airplane. The Trunki is a small plastic luggage decorated as an adorable monster or animal that allows children to zip through the airport while riding it like a horse, yet is small and light enough that even a two year old can comfortably pull it along themselves if they want to be just like Mommy and Daddy.

Melissa and Doug Trunki

The Trunki is sturdy, lightweight and fits well under the carry-on limits for most air planes. It serves as both a luggage and a means of entertainment for you, your children and everyone else in the airport who will smile and laugh as your children wheel around the airport with ease.

The Melissa and Doug Trunki features an adjustable tow strap that can easily be made to fit both children and adults, carry on handles, secure, locking latches, integrated wheels and stabilizers that help prevent it from toppling over while your child careens through the airport. You an also purchase an optional mesh shoulder bag that secures easily within the Trunki.

Melissa and Doug Trunky Accessories

The Trunki is designed to support up to 75 lbs, and neither my  2 nor my 4.5 year old have any issues riding or pulling it.

The only issue that I have found with the Trunki are that the latches can be somewhat temperamental to secure, however for all it’s conveniences, this small detail can be easily overlooked.

On our recent trip to Jordan we were constantly being stopped by airport workers, Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents who all wanted to know what this amazing travel bag was and where they could get one for themselves.

The Trunki is available at Indigo Chapters stores as well as online at

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Christina Wagar

Christina Wagar grew up in a travel loving family. She strives to instil her love of learning about different cultures and seeing new and old places to her husband Kevin and their two young boys.
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