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Expedia – 10 Experts Recommend Their Epic Canadian Adventures

July, 2017

There are adventurers and then there are these daredevils we’re about to present to you. Bold travellers who have clawed up mountains, trekked across glaciers, and voyaged to some of the most remote places on earth. We interviewed them for their picks of the most extreme experiences in Canada. Think you can follow in their footsteps?

Lonely Planet Kids – Top Family Travel Posts from May 2017

May, 2017

In May our family travel Pathfinders focussed on ideas for getting families exploring outdoors in destinations as diverse as Peru, Copenhagen, Iceland and Ireland.

Yellowknife Online – 12 Winter Activities to do in Yellowknife with Kids

February, 2017

Yellowknifers are no strangers to winter activities. It is a part of life. It has to be. We live in a place that boasts 8 glorious months of winter. With the influx of tourism over the past few years, we are seeing more and more visitor to our frozen wonderland. And with that many families.

Fulltime Tourist – 14 Most Beautiful Canadian National Parks to Visit in 2016

Let me know some of your favourite national parks and your exploration plans in the comments below! I’m planning to do some more hiking and outdoor activities this year, so let me know where I absolutely need to go this year!

Travel Mamas – Best Travel Books for Children According to Travel Experts and Their Kids

December 2016

Travel books for children inspire curiosity about the world. Kids of all ages can expand their horizons and increase tolerance for other types of people through literary travel.

Nomadic Matt – The Inspiring Blogger Series: Wandering Wagars

December 2016

Our Inspiring Blogger Series continues this week with Kevin and Christina from Wandering Wagars. They write about family adventure travel, demonstrating that it certainly IS possible to travel with children!

Just Go Places – 10 Family Getaways Recommended by Kids (Outside of North America)

December 2016

Are you looking for a more adventurous family trip with your children? In this first part of this series, we looked at family-friendly hotels in North America that were chosen by the children of 15 family travel bloggers.

Adventure Mom Blog – Unique Holiday Themed Adventures and Destinations

December 2016

I invited travelers to share some of their favorite unique holiday themed adventures and destinations. I think their recommendations will inspire you to add a lot of these places to your list.

Rudderless Just Wandering with the Wandering Wagars

December 2016

While in St.John’s International Airport, my brother and I were informed of a mechanical delay which was to keep us grounded for a few hours.

Holiday Lettings from TripAdvisor – The Top 20 Family Travel Bloggers of 2016

November 2016

Travel opens our eyes to a world of new experiences and gives us a different perspective on life. What better way to teach your children about the world than to let them see it first hand? A child’s curiosity is the perfect fit for travel and you’ll probably end up being guided by them!

Small Town Washington10 Favorite Small Towns

November 2016

I have a serious passion for small town traveling. Hence, I am always on the lookout for the next small town to visit. Here are 10 Favorite Small Towns by 10 Travel Bloggers. Hopefully, you’ll discover some new small town destinations to put on your bucket list.

Full Suitcase – Best Family Travel Destinations Worldwide

October 2016

Summer vacation has come to an end and I found myself looking for a nice destination to take our family to next year. In this quest for new ideas and family travel inspiration I decided to reach out to other traveling families and ask them to share their all time favourite, best family travel destinations worldwide.

Travel with Bender – World’s Best Travellers Reveal What You SHOULD Pack In Your Suitcase

October 2016

We have the art of packing luggage down to a fine art. But we can always use more help. Currently we aim to travel with a maximum two large bags.

Travel with Bender – World’s Best Travellers Reveal What You SHOULD NOT Pack In Your Suitcase

October 2016

In the last 4 years of non-stop travel we’ve learnt there are quite a few things we really don’t need. But also things we really do need.

Travel Babbo – Best Instagram Accounts for Family Travel Inspiration

October, 2016

In the spirit of giving back, here are 25 Instagram accounts that inspire me. Some are the accounts of people I’ve met while traveling. Some I’ve stumbled across. Some I’ve found because people engaged with me on my photos. And some got my attention by using my #takeyourkidseverywhere hashtag.

Albom Adventures – Travel Bloggers Explore Utah: Home to Five USA National Parks

September 2016

Utah is a photographer’s paradise located in the western United States. It is home to five US National Parks nicknamed the Mighty 5. They are Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef. Utah’s winters boast the “Greatest Snow on Earth.”

Wyld Family TravelTop 11 UNESCO Sites for Traveling Families

August 2016

This current article finds our friends visiting places in Europe, America  Asia and South America. We  hope this provides you with some inspiration . Inspiration to drag the kids to some of these amazing sites. Unesco sites give us a great look into the past, into our history and captures a snapshot in a time gone by. Enjoy.

CBC – How NOT to hike in Gros Morne: Ontario family shares midnight tale of woe

July 2016

A family of experienced hikers recently took on the Green Gardens trek in Gros Morne National Park — and they have a few regrets.

Ze Wandering Frogs – 7 Must-Dive Recommendations Around the World

July 2016

So many dive sites to discover around the world, the choice is endless! With thousands of destinations and sites, I asked fellow diver bloggers to share their top diving spots. Hopefully, these first-hand experiences will provide with unheard spots and useful tips to plan your next diving trip. Check their dive recommendations – Maybe these will be your next diving destination!

Travel MamasTips for Cancun with Babies and Toddlers from Family Travel Experts

July 2016

Seeking a destination where the water is warm and clear, the tropical drinks are cold, and the kids clubs are plentiful? Family travel experts know that Cancun is the place to go. Before you jet off to this slice of tropical heaven, read these tips for visiting Cancun with babies and toddlers.

Navigable WorldCoolest Street Art from Around the World

June 2016

Love street art? Check out these travel bloggers’ favorite spots to find it across the globe!

Learning Escapes – Kids Suitcases, Ride on Bags, Backpacks: What’s the Best Luggage for Kids?

June 2016

The next couple of months will see us travelling more than usual. A weekend in Switzerland, ten days in Rome, a short break in Stockholm and a long awaited trip to Northern California are all in the pipeline and preparations are well under way. Itineraries are ready, the home exchange is finalised and I even have my tried and tested kids packing list ready, but I still have a dilemma: shall we travel with kids suitcases or backpacks?

Multi-Cultural Kids Blog18 Awesome Dads to Follow on Instagram

June 2016

We celebrate awesome men who take their children around the world; men who show the world to their sons and daughters from the comfort of their own home; men who care for their children full-time, part-time, any time.


DIY DaddyBrilliant Dad Feature

June 2016

This week our Brilliant Dad Feature is Kevin. He is a creative designer and family adventure blogger living in the Greater Toronto Area. His beautiful wife Christina impressed on him her love of travel and they have made exploring the world an integral part of their life.

I am VagabondTravel Bloggers Share 18 Hidden Gems from Around the World

May 2016

Whether you are a first-time tourist or a seasoned traveler, I am sure you have your bucket list filled with all those famous spots from Eiffel Tower in France to Taj Mahal in India and maybe down there you might also have places like Stonehenge in England.

Babies Who TravelThe 50 Best Family Travel Blogs

May 2016

The Casual Travelist – The Faces of Gen X Travel

May 2016

To look at today’s travel media you’d think the the only people hitting the road are fresh-faced Millennials and Baby Boomers with newly emptied nests; what about Generation X? Instagram is filled with images of ingenues frolicking on the beach or looking wistfully at the horizon while magazines and tour companies target well-heeled Boomers making the most of retirement. In a recent issue extolling the virtues of solo travel Afar (one of my favorite travel magazines) mentioned Millennials, Boomers and even Matures by name with no word of Gen X at all.

Anita Hendrieka65 Stunning Paradises you need to see around the world

April 2016

There are millions of beautiful paradise spots around the world and some you may have never known they existed.  After my popular blog post ‘45 of the most stunning paradises around the world’, here’s 65 more spectacular paradises you need to see!  They venture from New Zealand to Morocco and as far as Iceland.

Baby Globetrotters – 6 Intriguing Destinations for Ultimate Family Relaxation

April 2016

Can family travel and relaxation really go hand in hand?  I must admit I am having my doubts lately!  We have recently returned from a wonderful but exhausting trip around Cambodia and Vietnam. Fun – yes; educational – absolutely; relaxing… we tried to feed this in to our plans with best intentions, but with three children aged 6 and under and a lack of baby sitting options, relaxing family travel was always going to be a battle on this occasion.

Yoko MeshiThe best street food from around the world

April 2016

One of my favourite things about travelling is sampling the different dishes served around the world, so I asked a group of fellow travel bloggers to share their favourite street food from around the world and now I have a so many additions to my food travel list.

Take me with you – Travel bloggers share their favorite travel quotes

April 2016

My favorite travel quote? To be honest, it’s complicated.

As each travel story births its own lessons, so each experience merits its own inspiration. As much as I love travel quotes (those who follow TMWY’s Pinterest can attest to this guilty obsession) choosing a single travel quote to represent my entire wanderlusting passion is like choosing one type of dark chocolate to eat for the rest on my life.


The Traveling Gals – Is it OK to take your kids out of school to travel?

March 2016

his is a question hotly debated by parents all over the country.  My answer to this question is YES!  You should absolutely allow your child to miss school for travel.  The only caveat being if they are truly struggling and even then you should still consider it.

Grassroots Nomad17 of the Cutest Animal Photos this World Wildlife Day

February 2016

The United Nations General Assembly has named 3 March as World Wildlife Day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora. To celebrate, here are 17 of the cutest animal photos that you will see today!

Detail Oriented Traveler – How to have Couple Time when Traveling as a Family

February 2016

It’s not always easy to have couple time when traveling as a family. Of course, part of why we travel is to spend more time with our children, create family memories, experience new things blah blah blah.


Learning Escapes – Little Travel notes – Best of Family Travel: Interview with The Wandering Wagars

January 2016

Today it’s an exciting day for my blog as it marks the start of a series of interviews with some of my favourite family travel bloggers.

Kid Friendly Europe 101Family Bloggers to Watch in 2016

January 2016

I have seen so many lists for the Top so and so and such and such bloggers to watch in 2016.   And I thought, Why not do a post about family travel bloggers to watch? Of course you should watch Kid Friendly Europe 101, but you should DEFINITELY watch the bloggers below!

 Juz Travel – Five Canadian National Parks you must visit!

January 2016

If you still haven’t heard the news, entrance to Canadian National Parks will be free in 2017! This is in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday! To celebrate, here is a guide to five of our favourite Canadian National Parks! Hopefully, this will encourage you to go on a roadtrip in Canada next year and hit up not only these five national parks but all 46 of them if possible! Are you up for the challenge?


Travel-Drive Race – Breaking the stigma: Great travel experiences in destinations with negative reputations

January 2016

There are many destinations that have a bad reputation or stigma that they can’t seem to shake. These places get slammed by the travel media, bloggers and tourists who can’t get past the outdated, inaccurate or superficial criticisms. Not every destination is created equally, but I can always find qualities I like in every place that I visit. There have been many times when I’ve told people that I’m heading to a country, for example, Morocco, Bosnia or Cuba and people question why I would ever go there. They are dangerous, war zones or the food is terrible, they tell me.


2 Travel Dads – A Family Guide to Winterlude:  the ultimate winterfest in Canada’s Capital

November 2015

We’re pretty excited to have a really great contribution to our site from the Wandering Wagars.  Living in Canada, they get to more easily experience life in the cold north than we do.  They were kind enough to share their favorite winter activity with us and created a family guide to Winterlude: the ultimate winterfest in Canada’s Capital.

Kidsonboard.netDiscovering Jordans Desert Castles

November 2015

Meet the Wagars. Kevin and Christina are avid travellers, keen to share their love of learning about different cultures and seeing new and old places with their children. Now, that’s the kind of families we heart here at KidsOnBoard!

To share their experiences and knowledge of family travel with others, Kevin and Christina started their travel blog, Wandering Wagars; right here on KidsOnBoard, Kevin shares a tale of his family’s adventure, discovering Castles in the Desert of Jordan. Gorgeous, we say. Read on.