Where is the best Bermuda beach?

Dealing with the cold Canadian winters can be tough. The short days and slushy weather had worn us down. Sure we had found great ways to beat the winter blues in the snowy north, but craving sunshine and soft sand, we looked to the beautiful Atlantic island of Bermuda for some respite. With only 4 days to experience this island gem, we made it our mission to find the best Bermuda beach. Bermuda is composed of over 100 islands for a total surface area of 33 km². But, there are 6 primary islands and most are connected to each other by bridges. Bermuda is divided into 9 parishes or districts and there is a total of 34 official beaches on the islands.

Infographic of best Bermuda beaches

From Toronto, it is  just a little over 2hr hours on a direct flight to this paradise. Since we only had a few days on the island, as soon as we were checked in at the Fairmont Southampton, we changed to our swimsuits and were ready to hit the beach in record time. The hotel offered a shuttle, which was waiting by the front driveway. The bus took us on the 5-minute drive downhill to the hotel’s private beach in East Whale Bay.

East Whale Bay Beach

Located in Southampton Parish, East Whale Bay Beach is a private beach owned by the Fairmont Southampton Hotel. Stunning rock cliffs separate it from the public Horseshoe Bay. East Whale Beach Bay was named for the whales which can often be seen from the shore during the spring season (March and April). The whales, mostly humpback, migrate to their northern feeding grounds during this time of year. The kids were so excited that as soon as they got out of the shuttle they ran straight to the water.

Unfortunately, luck was not with us, as we didn’t see any whales while we were at the beach. We did meet several people at the hotel who had managed to catch a glimpse of these animals. East Whale Bay Beach is also a popular spot for snorkelers with sheltered water and a reef that is accessible by swimming just past the large rock in the middle of the bay. C tried his luck at snorkeling while D was content with playing in the sand.

When the sun began to set, we packed up our gear and waited for the shuttle back to the hotel. It took a lot of convincing to get the kids to leave the beach, but we promised them that our beach adventures were just beginning.

Finding our own Secret Beach

The next day, we awoke bright and early, ready for our next adventure. We had rented a boat and headed out towards the Royal Naval Dockyards. We were in search of our own piece of paradise.

Our search for our own secret beach was quite an adventure! Some parts were even traumatizing for C and D but in the end, we all really enjoyed our time on our own private piece of sand.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

After returning our boat we headed back to the hotel for a late lunch. It was time to hit the famous Horseshoe Bay Beach which is also located in Southampton Parish. In fact, Horseshoe Bay Beach is located right next to East Whale Bay Beach. There is a path connecting the two beaches so it is easy to go back and forth between them. Horseshoe Bay got its name from its long, curving form. It has the worldwide reputation of being the best Bermuda beach due to its very pink sand.

When we first arrived, I was quite skeptical that the perfect Instagram photos showing pink sands were, in fact, real. I was wrong! The sand color comes from the tiny red organisms that grow under coral reefs. As they die, they wash onto the shore and mix with the sand. With time, the sun exposure bleaches their red color making it appear pink. The south shore beaches have the pinkest sands of all the islands.

Tip: Just before sunset is the best time to get the best view of the pink sand as the sky accentuates the colors of the sand.

Bermuda Kite Festival

Each year on Easter Friday, the annual Bermuda Kite Festival takes place. We had timed our visit perfectly to take part. The Fairmont Southampton organizes a kite-making activity for children and their families. C had a blast making his kite. However, he had an even better time flying his kite with the locals, who crowd the beaches and hills with kites of all shapes and sizes. What a great tradition!

Tip: The kite-making event is open to anyone on the island. A cost is involved for those not staying in the hotel.

After some kite-flying, it was time to enjoy the beach. If you walk to the western end of the beach (towards the right side if you are facing the water) there is a small cove called, Port Royal Cove. The rocks prevent the waves from being very strong and the water is shallow making it perfect for families with small children. Both C and D had a blast splashing around, swimming, and trying to spot colorful Parrot fish. For the second night in a row, we watched the beautiful sunset towards the mesmerizing azure waters of Bermuda.

Long Bay Beach, Cooper’s Point Nature Reserve

For our third day in Bermuda, we hired a taxi guide via the hotel concierge to give us an island tour. As a native of Bermuda, our guide, Mr. Andrew Trott, provided us with a lot of insight into the island’s history and how it has changed throughout the years. A highlight of our tour was when we stopped at Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, a Bermuda National Park, for a picnic lunch. We had some time to explore a couple of trails in the vast woodland area. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to swim at beautiful Long Bay beach as we were heading to St. George’s Parish for the afternoon.

Tip: It is not possible for foreigners to rent cars on the Island. The majority of tourists get around the island by renting scooters. They are an economical and efficient way of getting around. Although, caution must be observed as the roads on the island are narrow and winding, with many blind corners.

Tobacco Bay Beach

After lunch we headed to the historical town of St. George’s. Mr. Trott drove us around town so we can get an overview of the area. Then, he dropped us off at a local ice cream shop and we said our good-byes. With ice cream in hand, we explored the old town on foot. After a couple of hours leisurely strolling the island’s former capital, we were ready for another beach! Wandering up through the town, past the famous unfinished church, we headed to Tobacco Bay.

It was love at first sight! Tobacco Bay has the most amazing rock formations with waters teeming with colorful marine life.

The children had no trouble spotting little fishes as the water of Tobacco Bay Beach was so clear. The beach also has lots of sea glass which C took pleasure in collecting.

The Bermuda beaches we had explored certainly didn’t disappoint. We set out on a mission to find the best Bermuda beach and we failed. All the beaches we experienced were amazing!

Infographic of our wanderings around Bermuda in our quest to find the best Bermuda beach.

Have you been to Bermuda? What do you think is the best Bermuda beach?

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