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Beyond being one of the world’s most beautiful countries, Canada is also our home. Kevin and the boys were born here, and Christina immigrated to Canada from the Philippines when she was just 10-years-old. Canada is epic, beautiful, and overflowing with amazing family adventure travel opportunities.

Canada extends from the Pacific shores and the Rocky Mountains to the Maritime provinces and their quaint fishing villages. The southernmost point of Canada reaches down as far south as Northern California and the Northern Territories stretch up to encompass the North Pole. Canada is among the safest, and friendliest countries in the world. And there is no surprise that as the world’s 2nd largest country, Canada is a paradise for those looking for adventure travel for kids!

We explore our home as much as we can and have discovered some of the best family travel in Canada. Whether you’re looking for locations for Canada vacations, or the best travel sites in Canada, we’ve probably been there! Below we have included our articles on family travel in Canada. To help you find what you need we have also broken down our family travel blog articles by province and territory. Or you can use the search bar in our navigation menu.

Explore the best of Canada!

Check out some of our most popular Canada blog posts to whet your appetite for this epic and beautiful country.

Explore the most beautiful places in Canada for families

10 Bucket List Destinations in Canada

Discover some of the best Canadian vacation destinations from coast-to-coast.

Amazing Canadian Road Trips

Amazing Canadian Road Trips

Canadian road trips are epic! We give you the details on our favorite road trip in each Canadian Province and Territory.

Amazing Places in Canada

Amazing Places in Canada

If you can’t find a Canadian travel location to inspire you here, you might as well give up.

What you need to know about travel in Canada

  • Currency
    • The Canadian dollar can vary against the US dollar. It averages approximately .75 USD. You can find the current rate here.
    • ATM machines are readily available. Debit and Credit Cards are accepted at most locations nationwide.
  • Electricity
    • The Canadian electrical system runs on 110 Volts AC. The same as the United States.
  • Cellular Phone Service
    • Canada is a bit notorious for its expensive cell phone service. Sim Cards are available from most national cellular service providers such as Bell, Rogers, and Telus.
  • Roads and Driving
    • Canada accepts international drivers licenses (IDPs). The road network in Canada is excellent in most urban areas. There is a high-quality network of highways that run throughout the country. Some regions are very remote however and require special care when driving. This is especially common in the northern regions and throughout the territories.  Insurance is required for all vehicles traveling on Canadian roads.

Explore The Regions of Canada

Family Travel British Columbia

British Columbia

From the Pacific Ocean through the Rocky Mountains. Discover some of the most amazing places in British Columbia.

Family Travel Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador

Home to some of the world’s most unique landscapes and North America’s earliest European settlement. Newfoundland & Labrador are a world away from ordinary.

Family Travel the Northwest Territory

Northwest Territories

Where the Great White North takes a whole new meaning. Mountains, lakes, dog-sledding and indigenous culture await those visiting the Northwest Territories.

Family Travel Ontario Canada


Home to Ottawa, Canada’s Capital and Toronto, the country’s largest city, Ontario is a hotbed of culture, food, art, and nature.

Travel with kids to Quebec


Being Canada’s largest province, and the only official French-language province in the country makes Quebec a truly unique destination.