Spectacular Northwest Territories

Life is Better Up North!

Big, Bold, and Beautiful.

The Northwest Territories stretch across the top of Canada from British Columbia to Manitoba and deep into the Arctic Circle. This vast land is sparsely populated. But what it lacks in urban living, it more than makes up for in natural beauty. It’s core urban center is the city of Yellowknife on the shores of Great Slave Lake, the 11th largest lake in the world. The territory is dotted with beautiful and remote indigenous towns and villages. And contrary to popular belief, travel in the Northwest Territories is not limited to the long days of summer. In fact, there is plenty to do here, even in the winter!

Discover the Beauty of the Northwest Territories

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What you need to know about travel in the Northwest Territories

  • Capital
    • The capital of the Northwest Territories is Yellowknife.
  • Indigenous culture
    • A large portion of the population in the Northwest Territories is indigenous. Many of the villages, including towns such as Dettah, are only easily accessible during the winter when lakes freeze over and ice roads are built.
  • Food and Culture
    • Yellowknife is a melting pot of fascinating people. From those who have moved north to escape the pressures of big city life, to the constant stream of mine workers who breeze in and out of the city, to incredible artists and chefs who have embraced this unique city as a place to create something unique. Yellowknife is no less than fascinating. And it is an absolute art and food lovers paradise.
  • Dealing with the seasons
    • Because of the extreme location of the Northwest Territories, the region goes through periods of frigid cold and near 24 hour night during the winter. During the summers, the temperatures reach the low to mid-20s (C) paired with near 24-hours of daylight.
  • Northwest Territories with Kids
    • Believe it or not, family travel to the Northwest Territories is amazing! The people are warm and welcoming. The food is scrumptious. And for nature loving families, the wilderness is absolutely breathtaking.