With spring break 2017 around the corner, we were searching for a way to combine education and adventure. So when Expedia.ca reached out to us to learn about what cool and educational activities were happening in the Toronto area we knew exactly where to look. Living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we turned to the Ontario Science Centre and its incredible Bio Mechanics exhibit for our March Break inspiration!

What is the Ontario Science Centre Bio Mechanics Exhibit?

The Ontario Science Centre Bio Mechanics Exhibit offers an interactive experience that is perfect for kids and adults alike. The exhibit features hands-on learning focused on how bodies develop and function as a response to the forces of nature. We got to see the amazing mechanics behind evolution and adaptation through real specimens, lifelike models, and interactive experiences.

The boys’ loved learning how the heart acts like a pump, overcoming gravity to push blood up the long-neck of giraffes.

Another big hit in the Ontario Science Centre Bio Mechanics Exhibit is the flight chair. This is where kids can learn about the difference in the shape of bird wings. The boys had a blast flapping the different wings. They got to see which shape got them going the fastest and which kept them moving the longest. D took some time to get moving, but he loved every second that he was spinning in that chair.

The exhibit also has moving displays where visitors can control super-high-speed videos of bees and cheetahs. It gives them a chance to see all the details of their movements and how their bodies do such incredible things.

What else can you see at the Ontario Science Centre?


As fun as the Bio Mechanics exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre was, there’s more to explore at the  OSC. We made sure to check out the KidSpark area, a fun and interactive area completely focused on tactile learning for kids. There are places to play with water and waves, work with balls and gravity and work on house construction as well.

The Energy Show

The boys could spend a whole day playing in KidSpark. But it was almost time for the Energy Show at the Ontario Science Centre. The Energy show is a fantastic show for kids. The Energy Show has a focus on how energy is created and the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy sources. But the hits include a methane explosion, and of course the shocking conclusion with the Tesla coil. The fun and engaging host of The Energy Show even had our 3-year-old on the edge of his seat!

The Planetarium and Space Exhibit

A visit to the Ontario Science Centre would never be complete without taking in all the incredible space displays. The Ontario Science Centre features a hands-on exhibit that lets you touch meteorites and genuine space artifacts. You can also see how gravity works through their interactive Black Hole display.

The Ontario Science Centre and its Bio Mechanics exhibit make for a fun and exciting learning environment for the whole family.

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