The sun was shining brightly and our children were antsy to experience a new adventure. We had recently purchased hiking shoes that we needed to break in before our upcoming trip to Jordan and the day’s excellent weather presented the perfect opportunity to do so, with a  visit to one of the many excellent conservation areas in Ontario.

Limehouse Conservation Area

Located under an hour’s drive north of Toronto, and five minutes east of Acton, Ontario, within the famous Niagara Escarpment, Limehouse Conservation Area contains three trails: a section of the Bruce Trail, the Black Creek Trail, and the Limehouse Trail. We left our car on the edge of the road in downtown Limehouse and entered the conservation area using the north entrance. With D safely in his Deuter carrier, we started off exploring the Bruce Trail. Not far into our hike we set our eyes upon the remains of one of three towering 19th-century lime kilns as well as a powder house that held the mine’s explosive arsenal. C took one look at the barred doors of the powder house and thought it was a prison!

Limehouse Bridge

After spending some time visiting the tall kilns, we wandered further down the trail following the white trail markers and were soon rewarded with a view of a restored stone arch bridge. C had a great time wandering over the old arch, but D was a little bit nervous.

Limehouse Conservation Area is known for a system of deep rock fissures and crevasses some of which are accessible from the Bruce trail via ladders at the location known as the “Hole in the Wall”. D was happy to have some time away from the carrier to explore.

What a great time! We will definitely be coming back to explore the Black Creek Trail.

Limehouse Conservation area near Acton, Ontario

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