The Wandering Wagars are Kevin and Christina, two working parents who believe that travel is not just a wonderful way to help their family grow, but also an unmatched educational tool to help their two young boys grow both culture and intellect.

We make it a point to travel at every opportunity and when we aren’t travelling, we are talking about it or sharing our stories with others in an effort to encourage more families to travel with their children.


Kevin Wagar is an avid traveler, photography enthusiast and principal of Pulse Creative, a creative agency specializing in brand and content development.  Over the past fifteen years Kevin has become a passionate traveler and adventurer. Kevin, along with his wife Christina, started Wandering Wagars to help share their experiences and knowledge of family travel with others.



Christina Wagar grew up in a travel loving family. She strives to instill her love of learning about different cultures and seeing new and old places to her children. Having experienced over 20 countries across 4 continents Christina is well versed at travel planning. She enjoys researching and learning about the country they are about to visit in order to ensure the experience will be educational and fun for the entire family.



C is five years old and loves adventure.  He began his life of travel at the age of 3 months with a road trip to New York City.  He has visited twice as many countries as his age.  His favourite travel so far has been riding camels in the deserts of Jordan.



D is two years old and began his life of travel at the age of 1 with a trip to sunny California.  He has been to five countries on three continents.  He is at his happiest any place where he can get dirty.