The island of Hokkaido is one of the hottest destinations for a Japan ski Holiday. Discover why its so hot for family adventurers!

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Our boys are growing, and as they do so does their love for the outdoors. Winter sports such as hiking, dog-sledding, and skiing have become favorite cold-weather activities. While we’ve had the chance to enjoy skiing and snowboarding within our home country of Canada, we have yet to experience it in other countries. So we began to research the coolest (no pun intended) destinations for family ski vacations. And the one place that absolutely blew our minds was Japan. I had never associated Japan with winter sports, but my eyes have been opened. And now we are looking into visiting Hokkaido, Japan for a ski vacation on our next winter getaway.

Gondola ride on a Japan Ski Holiday

Why Are Ski Holidays in Japan So Popular?

Japan is the home to around 600 ski resorts. For a small country, that seems like a lot. And in terms of the clientele there, it is. And why is that a good thing? Because it means that it’s possible to find sweet, sweet powder for some excellent prices. In fact, if you time your visit right, you might even be able to have the hills all to yourself. While I love to say that all skiing is good skiing. The truth is that some places are just better. There are a number of ski resorts in Japan that cater to locals. These local hot spots feature smaller hills and cheap prices. But for the real powder lovers, hitting some of the top ski resorts in Japan turns a day on the slopes into an unforgettable event.

When is the Japan Ski Season?

If you plan on skiing in Japan, it’s important to go at the right time. The height of the Japan snow season runs from December through March, although some of the higher altitude resorts can run as late as mid-May if the weather works in their favour.  January and February tend to offer the ideal conditions for the local ski season though. And in the northern region of Hokkaido, the weather at this time is perfect for snow lovers. Hokkaido, our dream destination for skiing in Japan, has an abundance of the white stuff, in fact, snowfalls there can be absolutely legendary.

A rack of Ski Boots at a Ski Resort on a Japan Ski Holiday

Why Are Japanese Ski Resorts Are Perfect for Families?

Ski resorts in places like Hokkaido are known for being particularly friendly for beginner skiers. Since our boys are just getting their ski-legs, it makes for a great destination to practice. The boys learned to ski on the steep hills of the Rocky Mountains. But developing their confidence on a gentler slope is a bonus. Plus, resorts in the area are popular for other winter activities for when the kids get tired or bored.  Winter activities like tubing, snowshoeing and winter hiking are very popular in the region. If that doesn’t sound like enough, ending a day on the slopes with some incredible Japanese cuisine sounds amazing!

How Much Time Do You Need For A Ski Holiday in Japan?

Here is where things get tricky. For us, a vacation in Japan wouldn’t be complete without exploring more of this amazing country. We would aim to spend a long-weekend skiing or snowboarding on the northern island of Hokkaido. The rest of our time on a 10-12 day visit would be spent learning about the history of this Pacific island nation. Others though may opt to spend a week or even two weeks in the ski resorts alone. And with amazing activities, fine dining, and some of the world’s most incredible views, it’s hard to argue against it.

A ski resort on a Japan Ski Holiday

What Makes Hokkaido So Great for a Family Ski Holiday?

Hokkaido is the perfect place for skiing in Japan. Its position at the northernmost tip of the country places it in an incredible snow belt. This means that Hokkaido get’s epic amounts of powder. This makes a ski vacation to the region ideal. Another great thing about a visiting Hokkaido is all the incredible attractions we can explore when we are not on the slopes. From Buddhist Temples, shrines, and even castles, Japan is a treasure chest of learning and excitement. There are great winter activities such as the Asahikawa Zoo in central Hokkaido.

The main city, Sapporo has delightful fish markets. In fact, Sapporo is known for having the freshest seafood in all of Japan! Sapporo also features the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, which features incredible local and international art. A journey down to Shiraoi is a good place to learn more about the traditional Ainu people. The Porotokotan Ainu Culture Village features replicas of traditional houses and is run by the indigenous Ainu people.

Kid-Focused Activities in Hokkaido Japan

Sapporo Snow Festival

Sapporo, although famous for the beer of the same name, is also a kid-friendly city. The city hosts an annual Sapporo Snow Festival in February of each year. The Sapporo Snow Festival features over 300 snow sculptures lining the 1.5 kilometre Odori Park.

Moerenuma Park

Moer Mountain, located in Moerenuma Park is also a winter wonderland for families. Although it’s gentle slopes don’t allow much for skiing, it is popular among locals for ski-walking and snowshoeing as well as small festivals.

Hokkaido Fun Facts

  • Hokkaido is the northernmost island in Japan
  • Chocolate covered potato chips are a famous local treat
  • Hokkaido is famous for its hot springs. You can even visit Sulphur Mountain (Mount Io) and experience the vents yourself.
  • Soft serve ice cream is almost a religion in Hokkaido, so you can find some amazing flavours!

So I hope you’re starting to see why we’re so excited about experiencing a Japan ski holiday. Epic powder, mouth-watering food, history, culture and of course, natural beauty all make for the bones of an amazing family vacation. Have you ever been skiing in Japan? Tell us all about it!

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