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Welcome To Our Family Travel Blog!

Hello! We are Christina and Kevin Wagar. We are travel-loving parents who live just outside of Toronto, Ontario in Canada with our two boys.

We began our family travel blog back in 2015. We were out of the country on so many adventures with our young children and our family and friends were always wondering where we were and what we were up to. We began Wandering Wagars as a way to share our stories and photos with friends from around the world and our own backyard. But we weren’t prepared for what happened next!

Our website exploded with views and interest from parents around the world looking for inspiration and advice on how to travel with children. So our focus has shifted. We still share our amazing adventures while we travel with kids. But we also include tips and tricks, our favourite products for family travel, and all the best places we have stayed along the way. Our hope is that other parents will find the information that they need to use the world as their own backyard.

Meet The Wagars

Wandering Wagars has been excited to build ongoing partnerships with many brands including American Express, Expedia, Freeloader, BlackLane, and many more. We combine social media marketing, featured content, reviews, and activities to create inspiring content that cuts straight to the heart of what our readers care about most.

Family travel expert Kevin Wagar in Machu Picchu PeruKevin Wagar

Kevin Wagar is an avid traveler, photographer, and principal of the creative design agency, Pulse Creative. Over the past fifteen years, Kevin can usually be found working long hours on the Wandering Wagars website, sharing information with fellow travel experts, or doing media and press work for clients. Kevin is constantly searching out new and exciting experiences. He loves hiking, snowboarding, and trying anything new.

family travel expert Christina Wagar in Huacachina Peru

Christina Wagar

Christina Wagar grew up in a travel-loving family. She strives to instill her love of learning about different cultures and introducing new and old destinations to her children. Christina is well versed in travel planning and spends much of her free time organizing new family adventures. She enjoys researching and learning about the country they are about to visit in order to ensure the experience will be educational and fun for the entire family.

young traveler C Wagar harvesting limes in Machu Picchu PeruC Wagar

C is six years old and loves adventure. He is addicted to learning and when we have a local guide he is always on their heels soaking in as much as he can. C began his life of travel at the age of 3 months with a road trip to New York City. He has traveled to 16 countries on 4 continents so far. His favorite destination has been visiting Magellanic penguins in Punta Tombo, Argentina.

child traveler D Wagar sandboarding in Huacachina PeruD Wagar

D is four years old and began his life of travel at the age of 1 with a trip to sunny California. D is a human tornado and can usually be found trying to do something incredibly dangerous. He has traveled to 11 countries on 4 continents and is at his happiest any place where he can get his adrenaline going. When D isn’t isn’t jumping or running (and sometimes when he is) he’s usually eating

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