Is traveling to Bermuda with kids a good idea?

Bermuda is famous for its pink sand and stunning natural beauty. This tiny island is a perfect getaway for North Americans looking for a beautiful island getaway, but are seeking a different vibe than a traditional Caribbean holiday. With more flights being offered than ever before, Bermuda is fast becoming one of the most accessible destinations. With flights from Toronto and New York lasting only about two to two and a half hours, getting away for a sunny long weekend has never been easier. And for those family travelers out there, the country offers culturally, rich, safe and exciting attractions to experience Bermuda with kids!

Wander the colorful streets of St. Georges

Founded in the 1600s, St. George is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city has held it’s unique style and vibrant character through the centuries. It’s narrow streets and candy-colored buildings will bring a smile to any visitor. The town square still features working pillories that children will get a blast out of locking their parents in! The town also hosts the amazing St. Peter’s Church which dates back to the 1600’s as well as the nearby Unfinished Church, which is the shell of an Anglican cathedral that, due to politics, never got finished.

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Play pool and chase parrot fish in Tobacco Bay Beach

Just outside of St. Georges sits the gorgeous Tobacco Bay. The incredible rock formations and shallow, protected waters make it a perfect spot to stop in Bermuda with kids. While we were there, we spotted lots of parrot fish and a massive sea snail that the boys wanted to take home as a pet. In the high season, the beach has a restaurant and a bar, as well as washrooms. During the off-season, it seems the pool table is still open.

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Protect the coast at Fort St. Catherine

Bermuda is chalk full of amazing history. Kids can explore the walls and grounds of this retired military fortress and enjoy the amazing views of the island.  Call ahead before you visit as the fort is not always open.

Get deep underground in Crystal Cave and Fantasy Cave

No trip to Bermuda with children is complete without adventuring into the Crystal and Fantasy Cave located near the Bermuda airport. The fact that these caves were first discovered and explored by a pair of young friends is enough to capture any child’s imagination. Combine that with the crystal clear waters and the unbelievable rock formations, and it’s a ticket for discovery.

Chase lizards at the Coopers Island Nature Reserve

Coopers Island Nature Reserve is situated at the southeastern tip of the country. This former US military base is home to 12 acres of hiking trails, beaches, and salt marshes. A stroll to the far end of the peninsula brings you to the Wildlife Observation Tower. A climb up offers beautiful views of the Bermuda coastline

Run your toes through the pink sand and turquoise water of Horseshoe Bay Beach

No visit to Bermuda is complete without taking in the gorgeous Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton Parish. The iconic pink sand and postcard perfect surroundings make a day at Horseshoe Bay a perfect place to spend with family in Bermuda. Our favorite spot at Horseshoe Bay is Port Royal Cove. The shallow, protected waters here are a perfect place for kids in Bermuda. Between Port Royal Cove and Horseshoe Bay Beach is a fantastic rock outcrop that is fun to climb. Race to the top and watch the fishermen catching their dinner.

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Take in the view from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Take a taxi ride up to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse where you can catch the views of almost the entire island. While there, grab lunch at the restaurant. Just make sure to get reservations ahead of time. They book up quickly!

Tip: The lighthouse can be walked to, but keep in mind that the roads in Bermuda are incredibly windy and narrow. If you do decide to walk, make sure you stay well to the side of the road.

Explore the undersea world at the  Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

Discover the underwater world at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute in Hamilton. You’ll find treasures from shipwrecks, a simulated shark cage, and incredible seashells.

Spend the afternoon shopping and strolling through the Royal Naval Dockyards

Once a sprawling naval base, the Royal Naval Dockyards is now a shopping complex full of restaurants, markets, and museums. You can rent boats from some of the local operators or head to the water for some snorkeling at the Snorkel Park Beach.

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Search for the famous Moongates of Bermuda

Moongates are circular stone gateways that were first brought over to Bermuda from China. These gates have become a tradition in Bermuda with newlyweds walking through them for good luck. Our kids loved searching for these quirky and beautiful doors at every opportunity.

Traveling with kids in Bermuda is a fantastic way to experience culture, history and relaxation, all in a stunning island getaway. If you love beautiful beaches, colorful towns, and stunning nature, Bermuda is a perfect destination for family travel!

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